7 Common Causes of Noise Disturbance

There are numerous and increasing causes of noise disturbance in modern USA. A few of the most common are listed below. 

The different types of noise require differing approaches. 

Frequently the causes of noise are subject to different legislation. The list below is not exhaustive.

7 Common Causes of Noise Disturbance

Car alarms

Usually occasional where the same vehicle is frequently causing disturbance it may be possible to identify the owner through the DVLA.


Music is probably the most common cause of severe noise disturbance generally comes from either

  • A vehicle
  • A live band or other entertainment function
  • Within someone’s house

The approach for each of these problems varies considerably and will depend on factors such as frequency of the abuse, level of noise and time of day. With vehicle based noise it may be possible to identify the owner through the DVLA.

Where the occupier of a house or car is repeatedly playing music at a level which disturbs others in the neighborhood, and is far louder than necessary for them to listen to the music, this may suggest that the individual has personality or psychological issues.

Burglar alarms.

Burglar alarms should and generally do switch off after 20 minutes. In general disturbance from an alarm will usually be a one off event which whilst extremely disruptive will be best dealt with in a conciliatory manner. 

Where the same alarm is repeatedly going off the householder or business should be taking very active stops to stop the disturbance, if they don’t we can assist you in contacting them.


The level of traffic noise is best determined before you move into a house as there is relatively little you can do to address the noise once you are living there. 

Road traffic is the most common cause. Don’t just consider whether a house is located on a main road but see if there are any features that will cause motorists to accelerate right outside your window. Steep hills and traffic lights will generally increase traffic noise.

Also don’t ignore other forms of traffic noise. Air traffic is an increasing cause of noise disturbance and just because you are not living near an airport does not mean you will not be on major flight paths. 

Rail traffic can be misleading as well; metal on metal is inherently noisier than rubber on tarmac. If you are moving close to a railway check at what times there is traffic, including the much noisier freight trains.

Whilst traffic noise can be disruptive most people with time learn to live with even relatively high levels of noise.

Household noise

In flats, terraces and semidetached houses normal household activities such as television can cause disturbance for neighbors. 

It is frequently stated that there is nothing that can be done about this noise. We do not believe this to be the case and believe that contact with noise perpetrator backed up by detailed monitoring can significantly reduce the level of disturbance.

Business and industry

Industrial processes frequently create some noise disturbance. 

Business owners are obliged to take reasonable measures to limit the noise disturbance that they cause.


Do not assume that rural locations will be quieter than urban ones. Modern farmyards are small industrial units and dairy farms will frequently create considerable noise disturbance early in the morning. 

Even away from farms we have received complaints about farm animals repeatedly knocking against metal troughs and making sleep impossible in what at first sight would be a picture postcard idyllic rural location.

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