Acoustical Ceiling Tiles - For Reducing Sound Pressure

The holes in the acoustical ceiling tiles will absorb the noise in a room. They remove the echoing effect in much the same way that textured ceilings help to absorb the noise in a room. 

Often used in entertainment rooms, industrial settings or in areas where musicians practice music, these tiles are typically used in areas where you want to control the sound within the space.

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles - For Reducing Sound Pressure
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Directional and non-directional options

The indentions on the tiles are placed there to absorb noise from the room. These indentions will also tell you if the tiles are directional or not. 

You will notice that some of the tiles will have indentions that are in a straight line, and others are designed with the indentions being placed in a sporadic pattern over the surface of the tile. 

The tiles that have indentions that form more of a line will be directional tiles, and the installer will need to make sure they are paying attention when they install them. 

The other version is quicker to put up because the direction does not matter. The patterns of the indentions do not have any effect on the tiles or the amount of noise they absorb. 

It is strictly a matter of design and the look you desire for the room.

Fire rated acoustical ceiling tiles

Acoustical ceiling tiles are used primarily in schools, institutions, hospitals, and other buildings where the reduction of noise is a major consideration. 

The fire rated versions of these items are very popular for placement in schools and in hospitals.

Ceiling tiles that are designed for acoustical purposes are all somewhat fire retardant. 

Those that are labeled as fire rated are just more fire retardant than the others. This fire rating is based on the composite materials the tiles are made of.

Grid system or straight application

Acoustical ceiling tiles are specifically designed to absorb more noise from a room than ordinary ceiling tiles. 

There are several different styles of tiles that will fit into this category of tiles, but the majority of people will envision those that are installed on a metal grid suspended from the ceiling. 

You can, however, purchase tiles that are considered to be acoustical ceiling tiles and are meant to be applied without the suspended metal grid system.

Acoustical ceiling tiles are generally not used in the construction of private dwellings. They are applied more frequently in industrial buildings. 

It does take some skill to install them, especially if you are installing the version that hangs from a suspended metal track. These ceilings are also sometimes referred to as floating ceilings.

Purchasing acoustical ceiling tiles

You will be able to find this type of tile at the majority of hardware and building supply stores, as well as with many online merchants. 

Many times you will find a better deal online, especially if you are buying in large bulk quantities. Be sure to check charges for shipping and handling; some merchants will offer free shipping on large orders. 

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