Best Materials Used for Making Sound Proof Walls

Sound proof walls have got a greater importance these days and most of the residential houses are having the same. There are some specialized materials that have got the feature of resisting noises and those materials are only utilized for building up these walls. 

If you want to get the list of these materials, then nothing can be the best option other than making detailed online research. Though the costs of these materials are comparatively higher but you will get greater effectiveness by using them.

Best Materials Used for Making Sound Proof Walls

Some best materials used for making these sound proof walls

Roxul AFB 

This is one of the safest options of all and this is why it is in higher demand. Thermal insulation and soundproofing Rockwool together have created a finest combination as a result of which this material is targeted as the leading one for any kind of remodeling projects. 

Wide availability and lower cost are the two most important factors for which the reliability has been increased to a great extent. Lots of flexibility and softness can also be included within the primary features of this material.


This is also a product of Roxul but it is much more advanced. It can be easily recognized for its highest performances. 

Moreover, the material is completely organic and on the other hand both moisture and fire elements can be resisted. 

It is also termed as mineral wool and the quality of this material has been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer.


Green-glue sealant has got the highest range and thus selection can be made easily. These sealants serve the best insulation effects and the most interesting thing is that they can be applied with great ease. 

You just need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions step-by-step so that everything falls in proper places. 

It can be applied over drywall layers so that unwanted sound vibrations can be stopped from penetrating the walls. 

In fact, different kinds of wall defects or damages especially cracks, gaps or others can also be covered with the application of the same.


This sealant can also be used in place of green-glue but the application process is different in this case. 

The thicker coats of this glue are being sprayed evenly over polymer wall materials so that no-porous surfaces can be properly treated. 

It has got the highest sound-dampening power and thus durable and long lasting Sound Proof Walls can be easily created with the same.

Acoustic foam-panels 

These are treated as one of the most cost-effective options that have been included within the current trend. These panels have been designed in such a manner that they can be placed with greater convenience. 

The trouble of noise reflection can be completely avoided with the installation of these panels. This is the reason they are being installed within entertainment centers and home theater. These panels can now be used for both home and professional usage.

Resilient channels 

These are metallic rails that are now available in sheets and these sheets can be easily mounted in between ceiling joists and walls. 

These channels remain in direct contact with the walls so that both insulation and sound prevention can be met. 

They also act as the best sound-shock absorbers as a result of which unwanted sound pollution can be prevented with great ease.

Sound-proof curtains 

These are also pretty good to install so that sound-waves can be interrupted. Quilted Rockwool or fiberglass layers are being used for preparing these curtains. 

This substance can be sandwiched over the walls mass-loaded with vinyl. Black-colored acoustic curtains serve you the best sound-proof effects.

Acoustic paints 

These are also considered as one of the best alternatives in this regard. On the other hand, the pain coats can be easily applied so that thicker layers can be created that can easily block sound waves. 

Only specialized paint manufacturers are manufacturing these kinds of paints and thus you got to visit their sites for checking out the product details.

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