Different Techniques for Soundproofing a Room

Noise pollution is a major disturbance which can rattle minds if not dealt with properly. Sound Proof Room are an easy solution to this dilemma. 

By sound proofing the room you can not only restrict the noise penetrating from outside in the room but you can also control the volume of noise in the room itself. 

While many people make heavy investments while sound proofing their rooms, this basically depends upon the gravity of the situation.

Different Techniques for Soundproofing a Room

Different Techniques for Sound Proofing the Room

There are many ways to handle the dilemma of noise control by sound proofing the room. These techniques are : -


By adding a layer of heavy, soft material between the sound and the receiver, the noise penetrating from outside can be controlled inside the room. 

Usually added to the walls and the ceiling of the room this helps in controlling the sound that comes into the room.

Residential Sound Proofing

If you are living in a building right on the main street where the traffic is heavy. The noise of the traffic usually enters the room through the window even if the window is closed. 

The best way to sound proof such rooms would be to install thick curtains made of heavy fabric. 

These not only add to the look of the room but also help in controlling the sound of the traffic that penetrates from the windows. 

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of sound proofing a room is by installing thick curtains on the window.

Double Glazing and Secondary Glazing

The single paned glass on the windows is replaced by two glass panes stuck together to increase the girth of the window panes. 

This increases the vacuum in the window and keeps outside noises at bay. Such a technique is called double glazing. 

For secondary glazing, a person may add another window which usually slides open to the existing windows inside the room. 

This adds space to the single window frame thus creating two times the barrier through which the sound usually penetrates.

When It Comes To Sound Proofing Always Start Small…

By blocking all the ducts and open places of the room, one can easily take care of the sound proofing problems of the room on a simpler level. To get a Sound Proof Room without shelling out loads of money you can try out the following suggestions: -

  • Make sure that the door to the room is made of a solid core with a bottom sweep. Most times, the door to the room has a thin opening at the foot of the door which permits the noises from outside to enter the room. By blocking this entrance and making sure that the door is made of some heavy material, you can easily ensure sound proofing in the room.
  • By decorating your walls with heavy wall hangings and tapestries, you can control the noises in the room from going out or entering. This is exactly like creating a false wall as the heavy wall hangings create a thick covering on the walls from inside the room.
  • If you notice the sounds coming from the ceiling, you can easily line the ceiling with foam and furring strips and get a professional to create a dry wall over the furring strip, thus sound proofing the room.
  • Whenever you get any kind of re-modelling or wiring done at the house, remember to install fiberglass insulation in the wall and ceiling cavities to sound proof a room.


Sound proofing a room is essential these days with traffic of the charts, industries being established near residential areas and simply because you may have teenage children who love bringing down the house with heavy metal.

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