Egg Crate Foam: Overview, Uses, How to Clean

One of the types of foams available today is the egg crate foam. This type of foam has got its name because its surface is shaped just like an egg carton where crates and dimples are positioned to carry eggs. 

Most egg crate mattresses only have crates and dimples on

Egg Crate Foam: Overview, Uses, How to Clean
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one side of the foam and the other side is flat. The egg crate side is the one that should be in contact with whatever it is used for while the flat surface allows the foam to be anchored down. 

These foams can be bought in mattress stores and furniture shops as well. The thickness of the foams may vary but the thinner egg crates can be bought and they can easily be placed right on top of a normal mattress to get the same benefits.

Uses of Egg Crate Mattresses and Foams

If you have no idea what these egg foams are for, then you will be surprised on how much people actually use these. The function of these foams lies in its egg crate pattern.

Medical Use

One of the most important uses of egg crate foam is in the medical industry. 

You will see that many doctors ask the hospital staff to add an egg crate mattress on top of the hospital bed for patients who have difficulty in motion. 

The egg crate actually helps prevent stress and friction on the bony prominences of the body which then decreases the chances of having skin ulcers.

Home Use

There are also quite a lot of people who use these egg crate mattresses in their own beds at home. The pattern of the egg crate actually helps in having a good support and comfort on the back area. 

Some people report of getting better sleep with the help of egg crate mattresses. Just like sophisticated mattresses, an egg crate can conform to the contour of the body as you lie down in bed. 

Your body especially your back and neck will be supported well preventing instances of stiff necks upon waking up.

Music Use

A lot of music enthusiasts also use these egg crate mattress to soundproof their rooms. 

Egg crate foam is not necessarily the same as acoustic pads and foams but the pattern helps in the bouncing motion of the sound waves across the room.

Packaging and Mailing Usage

A lot of shipping companies use egg crates in conjunction to bubble wraps. 

The egg crate pattern in the surface of these foams can help take sudden pressure and stress on the items during transportation. 

As the items are being shipped, the foam will act as a cushion for the items to prevent damage and breakage. 

The type of item that will be shipped will determine the thickness of the egg foam that will be sued to wrap the package. The more fragile the item is, the thicker the foam will be.

Cleaning your Egg Crate Foam

Since this is foam, dirt and dust may accumulate and you need to clean it regularly. The best way to clean your foam is to wash it.

• Before wetting your foam, use a small brush to remove large debris of dust in the surface. You can also bring the foam outside and shake it upside down. Vacuuming using a gentle suction would also work.

• You can wash your egg crate foam by hand with the use of a gentle detergent and water. After washing, make sure that you rinse it well until all the detergent is gone.

• Allow the foam to dry in a well-ventilated area before using it again.

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